An Inclusive UK Squirrel Accord

Notes and commentary on the feedback sort from local groups.


Although the Accord has 34 signatories and a committee of 8 we believe that the people at the ‘coal face’ who play such an important role in both Red Squirrel conservation and are so keen in keeping our broadleaf woods in good shape play a fundamental role in the Accord’s work.

To do this in a systematic manner we have set up the following local squirrel feedback where we can share our best practice and experiences across the UK Squirrel Accord.


Public Awareness & Education


What actions have you taken to to keep the public informed and up to date of your actions.

Has there been work with primary schools, secondary schools, young adults in universities or further education colleges and adult groups such as women’s institute or wildlife trust local groups?

Is there anything else you could share with the Accord that you think would that other groups in the UK would find useful from your experiences?



Land owner & local engagement


Can you share with us your approach to land owners in your area.

How do you generate trust with the local land owner and his staff?

How do you organize yourself as regards local community squirrel trapping schemes?

Is there anything else you could share with the Accord that you think would that other groups in the UK would find useful from your experiences?




Communications & Co-ordination


The Accord aims to become a centre for networking across the squirrel community in the UK. To do this effectively we need to become a communications hub. We will use the Website as a hub in this section and this areas to share the squirrel communities ideas across the Accord Groups. We have also set up the Accord Groups discussion area. See the link for the social media links










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or the page


This Website


Research & Development


We are interested in how you trap and the processes and systems you use and find helpful.

In these ‘post-warfarin use’ days how will will you plan your grey squirrel control?

Do you see the future of grey squirrel control with the advent of ‘Woodland Clubs’?  See the link to ‘Woodland Clubs’



How do you see the future for:


A vaccine for SQPV (Parapox Virus)?

An immune contraceptive programme for grey squirrels where a "fertility control agent" which had been used successfully in the US and was now being tried on grey squirrels. (The squirrels are caught in humane traps before being given the contraceptive. The serum is administered by injection, and can render an animal sterile for a number of years with a single dose.)


Fund raising


The UK Squirrel Accord is keen to understand how we can in the future support bids that can support squirrel and broad leaf tree projects. Maximising opportunities with bids such as the like of HLF and Countryside Stewardship Grants that are available from Natural England and Forestry Commission.  There is affair fair degree of frustration from local groups that I have bid for monies and to have been rejected several times. How we develop a successful formula together?