Report sightings

Juvenile red squirrel learning to climb in Scotland by Gary Bruce Highland Photographer

Support red squirrel conservation by reporting red and grey squirrels you see in key areas of the UK.

Squirrel sightings provide data that increase understanding of population spread and movement, and support effective conservation and management efforts. Follow the links below to report any red and grey squirrels you see in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England, and Northern and Mid Wales:


Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

All-Ireland Squirrel and Pine Marten Survey

Northern England - Northumberland, Cumbria, Yorkshire Dales, Durham, Lancashire, Merseyside

Red Squirrels Northern England

North Wales

Red Squirrels Trust Wales

Mid Wales

Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership

Local groups in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Northern Red Squirrels

Isle of Wight

Wight Squirrel Project