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National Tree Week - 23.11.2019 to 01.12.2019

Trees are vital for wildlife like red squirrels, they clean our air and water, they sequester carbon, provide timber, reduce flood events, increase soil fertility and prevent erosion, and much more. Trees and woods are also shown to have great mental and physical health and wellbeing benefits for humans.

During National Tree Week, can you help to increase tree and woodland cover in the UK? There are lots of planting events you can get involved in or you might find space for a tree in your garden. You could also help raise awareness of the importance of trees, spend time enjoying a walk in the woods or join your local Tree Warden network.

New State of Nature 2019 report - 04.10.2019

Invasive non-native species are highlighted as one of the greatest drivers of environmental damage, says the latest State of Nature report. Grey squirrels are an invasive non-native species threatening red squirrel survival, tree health and woodland vitality.

The report states that “on average 10–12 new non-native species become established in the UK annually, and 10–20% of these cause serious adverse impacts”.

UK Squirrel Accord is researching an oral contraceptive for grey squirrels to offer a non-lethal and effective management method for this established invasive non-native species. Could you help us reach our funding target? Donate online to support.

Red Squirrel Awareness Week 2019 - 23.09.2019

Happy Red Squirrel Awareness Week to everyone. During this week, 23-29 September, get out to see a red squirrel, join one of the events occurring around the UK, help to raise awareness of the plight of the red squirrel or do something else to celebrate their existence in the UK.

Read our latest blog post for more information on what is happening this week.

UKSA newsletter out now - 19.09.2019

Our latest UK Squirrel Accord newsletter is available to read and download from our resources library. It includes the launch of the new UKSA website, our photography competition, Red Squirrel Awareness Week and the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey.

Access our newsletter here.

Photography competition - 06.09.2019

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are running a photography competition to add images to our new gallery. We are looking for images of red and grey squirrels, bark stripping damage, conservation tools (e.g. feeders and nest boxes), healthy trees, volunteers and land managers in action, and woodland settings.

The deadline for entries is midnight on 04 October 2019. Winners will be announced the following week and prizes allocated. Please email or WeTransfer your entries to

If you would like to submit any images please make sure you are happy for them to be added to our image gallery and used royalty-free for media purposes. Our terms and conditions require anyone using images from the gallery to credit the relevant photographer.

Postponed - further details to be announced

Threats posed by pests and diseases to native trees in the UK - 02.09.2019

House of Lords debate - 05 September 2019

On 05 September 2019, the Earl of Kinnoull, Chair of the UK Squirrel Accord and Red Squirrel Survival Trust, has secured a debate in the House of Lords on threats to our native trees from pests and diseases. We envisage this will be a productive debate on the current situation and positive changes that could be made. Further information, including a list of speakers, is available on the parliament website.

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