A calendar of red squirrel conservation or tree health related events from the UK Squirrel Accord and various partners and stakeholders. Add your event to this page by emailing Watch recordings of previous online events via our YouTube channel.

Upcoming and awareness events…

10-16 October ~ Red Squirrel Awareness Week

Celebrate the UK’s remaining red squirrels and help protect this endangered species. Join in by creating and sharing social media posts, getting involved in various online and in-person events, and spreading the word across your networks and local communities.

10-16 October ~ Great Scottish Squirrel Survey

The Great Scottish Squirrel Survey returns this autumn, following last year’s amazing efforts when nearly 1,100 people reported 1,549 squirrel sightings in just one week. Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS) is calling on the nation once again to explore the great outdoors. Between 10-16 October 2022 we want to see more people than ever looking out for both red and grey squirrels.

Squirrel sightings should be recorded on the SSRS website:

12-13 October ~ Red squirrel online conference

Join the UK Squirrel Accord’s online conference for Red Squirrel Awareness Week. During 12-13 October, speakers will cover a variety of topics. Due to unforeseen circumstances a couple of speakers unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute.

12 October 2022 - 10:00-12:00
Red squirrel conservation updates from across the UK - Katy Bell, Rebecca Clews-Roberts, Nicole Still, Stephen Trotter

13 October 2022 - 10:00-12:00
Update on UK Squirrel Accord activities and achievements - Kay Haw

13 October 2022 - 13:00-14:00
Breeding red squirrels - Judi Dunn

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October ~ Squirrel Awareness Month

03 October ~ World Habitat Day

04 October ~ World Animal Day

24 – 30 October ~ National Mammal Week

26 November – 04 December ~ National Tree Week

26 November – 04 December ~ National Tree Week

01 December ~ Tree Dressing Day

21 January ~ Red Squirrel Appreciation Day

11 February ~ International Women and Girls in Science Day

21 March ~ International Day of Forests

22 April ~ International Mother Earth Day

09 May ~ Plant Health Week

16-22 May ~ Invasive Species Week

01 – 07 June ~ Volunteers’ Week

05 June ~ World Environment Day

06 – 12 June ~ Garden Wildlife Week

28 August ~ World Nature Conservation Day

Past events - catch up on recordings of and/or information from previous events

UKSA grey squirrel fertility control research update webinar - July 2022

Watch the update on our research into a grey squirrel oral contraceptive and species specific feeding hopper, funded by the UK Squirrel Accord and supporters. Now in the fourth of the five-year project, the expert Animal and Plant Health Agency team carrying out the research discuss achievements during our third year and work taking place this year. A Q&A follows the presentations.

Red Squirrel Conservation UK Update 2021 - September 2021

Watch the video of UK Squirrel Accord’s red squirrel conservation update webinar for Red Squirrel Awareness Week 2021. Catch up on the UK-wide situation from leading professionals working to protect and enhance red squirrel populations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Hear from Dr Mel Tonkin of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, Katy Bell of Ulster Wildlife, Stephen Trotter of Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Dr Craig Shuttleworth of Red Squirrels Trust Wales.

Woodland invasives: grey squirrels webinar - May 2021

Watch a recording of our webinar for Invasive Species Week 2021. Conservation professionals Kay Haw, UK Squirrel Accord, Heinz Traut, Red Squirrels Northern England, and Bridget Johnson, Knowsley Safari, offer an overview of woodland invasives with a focus on the issues grey squirrels pose to broadleaf tree health and endangered red squirrels in the UK, and the importance of managing negative impacts.

UKSA fertility control research update - March 2021

An online event to mark the mid-point of our grey squirrel fertility control research project. Hear updates on progress from the expert Animal and Plant Health Agency team - Dr Giovanna Massei, Rebecca Pinkham, Sarah Beatham and Simon Crofts - conducting this research being funded by the UK Squirrel Accord and supporters. Watch a video of the presentations and Q&A session.

National Tree Week webinar - December 2020

Launch of our grey squirrel tree damage short film. Alongside talks from Fera Science Ltd’s Dr Charles Lane, on tree pests and pathogens and the potential for grey squirrel bark stripping to exacerbate these tree health issues, and the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s Dr Giovanna Massei, discussing human-wildlife conflicts and grey squirrel fertility control research. Watch a video of the webinar.

Grey squirrel damage webinar - September 2020

Leading woodland professionals - Graham Taylor, Daniel Small and David Bliss - discuss the impacts and challenges created by grey squirrel bark stripping, and work to protect trees from this damage in a webinar to mark National Plant Health Week 2020. It includes an introductory message from Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Watch a video of the webinar.

Red Squirrel Conservation Update webinar - September 2020

Leading experts from around the UK - Stephen Trotter, Craig Shuttleworth, Katy Bell, Michael Stinson and Mel Tonkin - provide updates on red squirrel conservation work from the four countries and answer key questions from attendees in a webinar to celebrate Red Squirrel Awareness Week 2020. It includes an introductory message from Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Watch a video of the webinar.

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