A calendar of red squirrel conservation or tree health related events from the UK Squirrel Accord and various partners and stakeholders. Add your event to this page by emailing

Upcoming Events…

10 - 16 May ~ Plant Health Week

Defra is hosting the second annual Plant Health Week in collaboration with stakeholders across the plant, conservation and forestry sectors. A number of events will be organised and promoted, with further information to come.

17 May ~ Red Squirrel Conservation with RSNE ~ 18:30-19:30

Join Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s online event to hear the Red Squirrels Northern England team present an overview of red squirrel conservation progress across the region. Click here to book a ticket.

24 - 30 May ~ Invasive Species Week

An annual event led by the GB Non Native Species Secretariat (GBNNSS) to raise awareness of invasive species and how everyone can help to prevent their spread.

Click here for the GBNNSS website for further information and how to sign up to the mailing list. UK Squirrel Accord is organising a webinar on the designated woodland day, 26 May 2021 - see details below to register.

Invasive Species Week banner

26 May ~ Woodland invasives: grey squirrels, webinar ~ 10:00 - 11:30

Join our online event for Invasive Species Week to look at the issues of grey squirrels in the UK. Key speakers will offer an overview of woodland invasives then focus on the issues invasive non-native grey squirrels pose to broadleaf tree health and endangered red squirrels in the UK, and the importance of managing those threats.

    • Kay Haw - UK Squirrel Accord

    Woodland invasives and grey squirrel tree damage

    • Heinz Traut - Red Squirrels Northern England

    Managing invasive grey squirrels to safeguard native red squirrels and woodland biodiversity

    • Bridget Johnson - Knowsley Safari

    Reclaiming Reds: a new project to recover red squirrels

Register in advance using the Zoom link below:

27 November - 05 December ~ National Tree Week

The Tree Council established National Tree Week in 1975. It is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season (November to March each year). A variety of events are planned and everyone is encouraged to take part.

Find out more and get involved.

Past events - catch up on recordings of and/or information from previous events

UKSA fertility control research update - March 2021

An online event to mark the mid-point of our grey squirrel fertility control research project. Hear updates on progress from the expert Animal and Plant Health Agency team - Dr Giovanna Massei, Rebecca Pinkham, Sarah Beatham and Simon Crofts - conducting this research being funded by the UK Squirrel Accord and supporters. Watch a video of the presentations and Q&A session.

National Tree Week webinar - December 2020

Launch of our grey squirrel tree damage short film. Alongside talks from Fera Science Ltd’s Dr Charles Lane, on tree pests and pathogens and the potential for grey squirrel bark stripping to exacerbate these tree health issues, and the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s Dr Giovanna Massei, discussing human-wildlife conflicts and grey squirrel fertility control research. Watch a video of the webinar.

Grey squirrel damage webinar - September 2020

Leading woodland professionals - Graham Taylor, Daniel Small and David Bliss - discuss the impacts and challenges created by grey squirrel bark stripping, and work to protect trees from this damage in a webinar to mark National Plant Health Week 2020. It includes an introductory message from Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Watch a video of the webinar.

Red Squirrel Conservation Update webinar - September 2020

Leading experts from around the UK - Stephen Trotter, Craig Shuttleworth, Katy Bell, Michael Stinson and Mel Tonkin - provide updates on red squirrel conservation work from the four countries and answer key questions from attendees in a webinar to celebrate Red Squirrel Awareness Week 2020. It includes an introductory message from Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Watch a video of the webinar.